Frequently asked questions

Why hire a mountain guide?

The important thing in the field is to minimize the risks: our guides are trained for this.
A high mountain guide is able to guide you safely, responsibly and independently.
He is a climber, a glacier, a cross-country skier, a high mountain mountaineer.
He has unparalleled experience in the field and knows how to combine it with his knowledge of snow.
He knows the routes and the risks associated with mountain conditions, he has extensive experience in managing groups in the high mountains, he masters all the techniques allowing to evolve in this environment, without forgetting the excellent knowledge of the conditions of snow of the moment, ensuring you fun and safety.
Our guides live their passion: they are eager to share their knowledge of the mountain with you.
So do not hesitate to be supervised by mountain experts.

How long are the heli-ski runs and how long do they take?
How "good" do I have to be to go heli-skiing?
How does a typical Group Heli-ski day run ?
How many people does a guide manage?
How many heliski runs can we do in one day?
Do we have to stay in Verbier for heli-skiing?
What is the snow like?
What about avalanche danger?
Can we combine heli-skiing with ski touring?
What kind skis, clothes and equipment do I need to take?
Do I need an airbag ABS system?
Are the guides experienced?
What kind of helicopter do we use?
How is heli-skiing permitted in Switzerland?

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